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Hello! Fic Now!

BTVS/ATS Fanfic Writer Central

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Welcome to hello_fic_now!

This community was created after the onslaught of ficathons and other exciting events in the BTVS/ATS writers community. I created this place as sort of a central location for announcements and discussions regarding ficathons, new RP journals (for example gilesozrpg), new communities dedicated to writing characters or relationships, as well as other writerly topics. Want to get into deep meta discussions about a character? Want to debate about tiny details that might affect a fic? Do it here.

We accept anything and everything here in the way of fanfic discussion and announcements. This means, slash, het, and RPS. If you get offended by something, my best advice? Move on. No fandom wank allowed!

Also! Don't post fanfic here. It's not an archive, or whatever you call them LJ-style. This is for the discussion of writing it only. There are other communities for that out there. Thanks!

*Added Aug 11: Please do not post links to individual fics here. Thank you!*

Anything else you want to see here? Have a problem, or suggestion, or a complaint? Contact the mod, megl42.