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This is my first foray into the world of the LJ fanfiction community.  Please go gently on me.
All comments and constructive criticism are welcome.
Title: Turn the Hourglass Over
Author: mysedai
Fandom: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer/ Angel: the Series
Characters/Pairing: Buffy/ Angel, Buffy/ Spike
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 83k
Disclaimer: Is there really a need for a disclaimer? Does anybody out there actually believe that I'm posting fanfiction because I'm bored of cashing checks from my Buffy-related day job?
Spoilers/Warnings: This story takes place after Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series, and diverges from canon at Angel: After the Fall #16.  This series may contain spoilers through that point.  Knowledge of After the Fall is not necessary to read this series.  So far, none of my readers have had any trouble with it, but I'd be happy to clarify any points you are unsure about.
Summary:  Angel and Spike have returned to claim their places in Buffy's life. Now, all she needs is time, and a lull in demonic activity, near-death experiences, and personal crisis to think things through. AU, diverges at Angel: After the Fall #16.
Author’s Note: The graphic links back to this story on An Archive of Our Own.

Calling All Buffy/Angel/Firefly Authors!

Got unfinished fic?

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ficfinishing is an LJ comm devoted to helping authors finish stories.

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The comm holds monthly fic finishing rounds. Each one is a short focused effort to complete a single partial story.

Sign ups for the September round are going on now through September 12th. At the moment we are only accepting sign ups for Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, Heroes, Blood Ties, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Bones, NCIS, Supernatural, Charmed, Blake's 7, Veronica Mars, Psych, Miracles, Buffy, Angel and Firefly though more fandoms will be added over time.

Please read our profile and our Welcome message to learn more about the comm and how to sign up as an author or as a first reader for authors.

If you like what you see, join and watch the comm. Most of the comm's content is f-locked, so you'll only get the full benefit if you become a member.

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ficfinishing: Where to come to get fic done
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cya_ficathon. Sixth Round

Choose Your Author ficathon (BtVS/AtS only)

What? A ficathon where you'll always be assigned something you want to write.

Who? Everybody is welcome. Authors of all characters, pairings and threesomes, all genres and ratings. Feel like writing a crossover? Come play!

How? Easy:

- Answer these questions to create your own profile. (Only until April 21st!)

- Once all profiles are posted, choose your favourite 3. Make your requests. :)

Why? To have fun, of course. The more, the merrier!

Where? Here! Follow the link and sign up.

Note: There are 24 authors signed up already, but I'd love to see 30 or more.


Deadline: July 15th. Beta'd stories can be posted earlier.


Or, come check past entries at the memories. Over 150 stories, 33 characters and LOTS of pairings.
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New comm - Nine Billion Names

Sign-ups are now open for ninebillion, a multi-fandom fic exchange focusing on the role and importance of faith (or lack thereof) in our favourite characters' lives. All faiths/religions/beliefs are welcome, both real and fictive, and being brave and ambitious in your work is positively encouraged. For those who don't feel able to commit to the schedule of a fic exchange but would still like to participate, a list of claimable prompts has also been put together to help get those braincells working.

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For sign-ups see here,
for any questions see FAQ, or contact the moderators, kangeiko and darlas_mom.

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slashfest is a multi-fandom request/claim community that is looking for your requests!

BtVS/AtS participation has been slowing down and we'd love to see that turned around. You can make all of your Buffy/Angel requests here, including crossovers. We're accepting requests until January 7th at 11:59 PM EST.

If you're looking for inspiration, those new (and loads of previous) requests will be available for claiming from January 11th at midnight EST until January 15th at 11:59PM. Regular requests can be found here and crossovers can be found here!

We welcome all m/m slash related pairings and fic/art of all ratings.

Please be sure to read the rules and regulations.